Sep 182020

Rereading my previous article “Affiliate Money – How to make them coming to you” in which I discuss some of the rudimental options on creating a valid home based business using nothing but Affiliate Programs, I have asked myself a question. A question so simple and yet so important that I knew – answer this one right and I’m set for life! A question, which everyone who is looking for proven income opportunities in Affiliate Programs should ask himself.

I have pounded out some thoughts and some basics that I know will work well as they work for me day after day. Just please remember these are only basics as I’m not a self-proclaimed “guru” but a simple man who managed to learn and implement the techniques discussed bellow.

Making an initial sale is great and exciting and a feeling familiar to anyone involved into Affiliate Programs marketing. But as every successful affiliate knows – it’s a lot easier to sell to a person who already bought from you or based on your advice and marketing efforts necessary for that sale are a lot less. So how do you repeat a sale?

Give away free stuff. Be it an ebook or a report but give it away for free. The key here is to find a material that allows you to rebrand links inside that ebook or report with your own affiliate links. Many programs provide you with such materials and they do the wanders. Even if person didn’t buy from you this time, they WILL download a free ebook and if it answers their questions or provide them with information they were looking for, they will click on YOUR affiliate link. Caching! Do you hear cash register ringing? I do.

Give away more free stuff! But now use a slightly different technique – auto responders. It’s an income maker on autopilot! And all you have to do is give something away and setup auto responder messages. Find an ebook with resale rights that give you an option to give away to members or through subscriptions. A good place to look for these type of materials are a manual click traffic exchanges, such as TrafficSwarm, as people give away a lots of free stuff there for simple newsletter signup. Just get one of the free auto responders. Much better option is to use auto responder that comes with your hosting account. That way you will not have to deal with third party advertisement. Make sure that your emails are precise to the point and something that interest your readers. Never used auto responder or don’t know how to write a winning email? It’s not a problem. There is a wealth of ebooks written on the subject and better once have the sample e-mail where all you have to do is customize them to fit your needs

Using auto responders is a bliss when done right. I do recommend couple things if you decide to utilize them:

Always use a subscription model where users have to confirm their intention to subscribe. Don’t try to force people into your subscription! This will eliminate possibility of invalid e-mail addresses and prevent you from been reported as a spammer – a sure kill to your business.
Double-check your e-mails for possibility of been filtered as spam, explain people to setup white listing options for your e-mails. Use a freely available Internet tools to check your e-mails for spam filtering, before you send them. After all it’s your money making tool, so make an extra effort.

The techniques above are extremely simple and yet overlooked by great many people or not utilized to the full extent. Hard to imagine any good reasons why. Successfully implementing them will not just assist you but put your efforts into overdrive.

And really it’s that important. Residual income and new income from previously sold customers is the ultimate goal of any affiliate marketer and if it’s not your goal yet – make it!

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