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How to get publicity using Pamphlets and Pitch Letters
Copyright ? 2006

You can publicize your service or product with a pamphlet
or booklet. Topical subjects such as saving energy or
cutting costs are always newsworthy. Naming new trends or
buying habits can equally be publicized.

Take a look at the magazines and trade journals in your
area of endeavor. Are there special sections for
interesting tidbits of the industry? Maybe there’s a
section for new products, or even a section that compares

Does your product or service have something special that
competitors don’t? Maybe yours is the best – and -best’ is
newsworthy. Does yours have the longest resiliency, or is
it made from the best materials? Maybe your service is
noted for complete satisfaction or reliability.

These aspects are especially important for the big
manufacturers. Trade journals cater to the special
industries, and those in the trade always want to consider
the best product investment – especially when spending
thousands of dollars.

An oil company sends out free booklets on maintaining your
car; a travel agent prints a brochure on the most beautiful
vacation spots; a dry cleaners gives out a flyer on getting
out stains as soon as they happen.

What promotional literature can you tie into your business?
And it doesn’t need to be product oriented. Some large
companies produce tips on employee relations or benefits.
Many print their own newsworthy in-house publications.

Any special message booklet is a public service and is
worthy of free publicity. Some interesting information can
make a good feature if followed up by a reporter. Or you
may write your own feature for magazines.

You can get your literature designed and printed by a local
printer at minimum cost. Don’t go for an elaborate
four-color booklet unless you can afford to. Consider what
you can get at the least expense and then work from there.
>From a small investment, you may get thousands of dollars
worth of free publicity.

Always include the name and address business number of your
enterprise on the brochure, and offer copies for the
general public as a free give-away or as a bonus for

When you don’t have a specific news release or a special
booklet to publicize your enterprise, you may solicit
publicity with a letter to the editor of the section that
suits your endeavor.

Rather than providing complete information, suggest the
practicality and timeliness of a feature or article on
your business or the owner of the business. Some people or
organizations are famous in their own right and start side
businesses or enterprises. For example, celebrities open
restaurants or community theaters; financiers donate art
collections; a local orphanage may raise a phenomenal
amount of money for a special cause.

A pitch letter is a highly motivating letter to get the
editor interested in the topic that will benefit your
cause. Type it on letterhead and send it personally to the
editor. You might call in advance and use it as a follow

Get right to the point. Present the topic and the angle
immediately. Then, support the worthiness with some
poignant information concerning the topic.

Send copies of local publicity if you’re building to a
national level, or send copies of other news features that
relate directly to your person or product.

Don’t deluge the editor with too many clippings or an
overload of information. A few choice tidbits will suffice
to get that person’s interest in doing a feature.

Close your letter with a mention of calling that person and
then follow up with a telephone call a few days later.

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