Mar 072018

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Was your last New York business trip more about making arrangements with lousy limousine services instead of sealing the deal with a top client? Is your calendar filled with more appointments with your inefficient travel agent than with meetings with potential investors? It seems that you still can’t quite put a finger on business trips. Read on to get the lowdown on fast, affordable and comfortable travel.
10,000 feet up
• Use your much earned points to upgrade yourself to elite status. If you go on business trips every so often, chances are you have enough points to qualify for frequent-flier status. Check with your airline to know what perks they offer and be on the fast track to flying first class.
• Shout shotgun’ when you buy your plane ticket. Choose aisle or window seats and avoid the middle like a plague. If your airline does not show all available seats (read: middle seats only) on the chart when you purchase your ticket, opt not to choose and just check in earlier than usual on the day of departure.
• Log on to to get up-to-date performance of all U.S. flights. Be aware of flight delays and the like as the last thing you’d want is to get stuck in the airport when you could be already be dining with corporate executives.
Landing on ground
You will never go wrong with chauffeur service be it in Greenwich, Manhattan or Long Island. Find a legit company that offers corporate limousine service in Westchester, wherever you’re headed to for that matter, to make ground travel nothing less than luxurious. Ride in style by renting a Mercedes Limousine HPN airport or by hopping into any executive limousine en route to TEB airport. Experience ground travel at its best seated comfortably at the back seat of an SUV limousine in New Haven.
• If you’re not Anthony Bourdain, don’t expect a good night’s rest with no reservations. Get good deals by scouting hotels prior to your trip and asking for the rock-bottom price lest you have no roof above your head for a night or two. If you happen to travel to the same city often, find that lone hotel that suits your taste and make good connections with the general manager. You know how they say always befriend the bartender; same rule applies to the hotel’s top honcho.
“When in Rome”
• Impress your international clients by projecting a ready-for-business look rather than a suffering-from-jet-lag feel about your person. Try adjusting your body clock at least a week or two prior to your trip and seem one with the locals when you get to your destination.
• Be street smart – know the exchange rates, learn how to negotiate taxi fares, bring internationally-honored credited cards and arm yourself with a mobile phone that is set in roaming mode.

Ubiquiti: Producing Innovative Tech Solutions for Consumers Worldwide at…Plus Free Shipping! No coupon needed

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