Mar 082018

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The founder of the Reiki System was Dr. Mikao Usui, a Japanese Christian minister who was working in Japanese Christian Boys’ School in 1922. He had spent much of his time in Reiki healing the sick specially the poor ones. Dr. Usui believed that Reiki is a gift of God so he taught free Reiki healing for those who were willing and who wished to adopt it.

Similar to yoga, Reiki also practice meditation and controlling the human energy. Energy is universal; therefore, we and everything around us are energy whether seen or unseen. A Reiki practitioner can channel energy by laying hands on the person from the energy around himself. The transmission or channeling of energy from the Reiki healer to the person can bring deep relaxation and destroy any blockages of energy, and it is believed that toxins are detoxified, thus after the healing it increases the vitality of the body. If energy is low, the body becomes weak and sick but if the energy is maintained high, the body is active and healthy.

Reiki is mostly used by people who want to achieve relaxation, to reduce or eliminate stress, and to improve overall well-being. The Reiki is also used for other health conditions like cancer, anxiety, depression, fatigue, diabetes, and other more. This system is also helpful for dying people since it can help pass on sense of peace. For people who have weight problems, Reiki can help weight loss and also can do good to change bad habits and addictions.

Free Reiki training and resources are for everyone. Reiki is believed to be a loving gift of God the creator. This is a gift of changing a life and the lives of love ones. Many know that Reike is a powerful healing art. To practice Reiki, the person doesn’t need special paranormal powers or forces to be able to heal people or do self-healing. What a person should do is to understand that energy is all in the environment and is just ready to be tapped with the mind.

Free Reiki self-healing can be learned too. Just a simple meditation exercise can restore order of the body whose vital energy has become unbalanced. In this case, the person is responsible for his/her healing. The person just identifies how much energy needs that will be drawn from around him.

Up to 40% Off on Restaurant & Catering – Business & Industrial with free shipping and No Tax!!!

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